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Latest news: I started an online payed course, as you will see below. Hope you will find this useful and join us on the links below. Thank you and enjoy reading!

1. About Ioana Avram + FASHION TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES: “I have more than a decade of teaching fashion design and fashion illustration to students all over the world. If you are passionate about fashion design and if your dream is to become a fashion designer, this course is for you! I will share with you all my secrets, tips and tricks of how to draw, how to think and be creative as a fashion designer. I am the author of the site ”Fashion teaching” as well as the teacher behind “Fashion teaching” Youtube channel that has more than 1,6 million views and more than 43.000 subscribers all around the globe.

Looking forward to teaching you about fashion design, illustration and creativity techniques when it comes to thinking like a fashion designer in order to create your first fashion collection. I designed this course to be easily understood for students and people who will want to start their own collection.”

My skills range in the following:

* Fashion design
* Fashion illustration
* Watercolor technique
* Art and Design
* Creativity techniques

– what people say about my courses here.

– Goals:this online class is meant to be for all of you who are interested in a fashion career, university entrances, master degrees, business, portfolio making, hobby.


2. What can you learn?

– how to sketch fast
– how to achieve a perfect drawing
– how to harmonize colors in a fashion collection
– how to think like a fashion designer
– how to use fashion trends in your ideas
– how to sketch costumes inspired by a certain topic
– how to concept a collection starting from any source of inspiration
– how to boost your creativity in no time
– how to draw your own fashion collection


3. Please check this page where you can see what we do at Fashion Teaching classes: https://www.pinterest.com/isandru/fashion-teaching-by-ioana-avram/


4. How does it work? How to be accepted into the Online Class?

1. Send me an email with the Subject “Fashion Teaching Online Classes A” ( if you want to apply for the online course that starts the 1st of November): fashionteaching@gmail.com
2. You will receive a reply with the brief: a challenge that you have to do in one week and then to send it to me via email: fashionteaching@gmail.com
3. After my approval, you will receive the financial details and my Paypal account where you have to send the payment for the first month. 
4. Acceptance into the online class
5. Stay tuned on 2 things: your email and this Facebook group where each week I will post a new challenge + images with sources of inspiration
6. You will have one week to draw your sketches on the challenge I posted on Facebook
7. Send me you drawings here: fashionteaching@gmail.com
8. You will receive a personal feed-back on your drawings and tips on how to improve
9. Prepare for the next challenges: 2, 3, 4
10. After the first month ( each course has 3 months), you will have to make another payment in my Paypal account to receive the next challenges.

This will happen also after the 2nd month and then…wait to see if you won the big prize! Read below to find out more.


5. Duration of the course: 3 months

Each class will learn different things, so enroll for all of them if you want to be challenged by 48 different topics.

There will be challenges each week: 1 challenge/week = 4 challenges/month = 12 challenges/course
-The class A will be started at 1st of November 2015 – finish: 1st of February 2016.
-The class B will be started at 1st of December 2015 – finish: 1st of March 2016.
-The class C will be started at 1st of January 2016 – finish: 1st of April 2016.
-The class D will be started at 1st of February 2016 – finish: 1st of May 2016.


6. Who can participate? Requirements to attend the course:

– Basic drawing knowledge
– Basic color knowledge
– No need to be an art student
– No need to have computer skills
– You will need a photo camera/phone camera/scanner


7. Technical conditions of receiving works:

– This is the way I would like to receive your drawings:


Clear images, white background, the source of inspiration next to your drawings.

Scanned sketches or photographed with a good light. Blurred images to be avoided, sharp photos are desired. Also, please do not forget to send them to me on my email here:fashionteaching@gmail.com


8. Language support:

– english
– romanian
( for feed-back, communication via email etc)


9. The fee: 300 Euros/3 month course
(payment requested through Paypal “100 euros” per month) – the paypal account will be send to each of the 10 students to be enrolled in the class.

Discounts for more than 1 course:
If you attend 2 courses ( group A + B ) = 500 euros instead of 600 euros
If you attend 3 courses ( group A + B + C )= 700 euros instead of 900 euros
If you attend 4 courses ( group A + B + C + D ) = 900 euros instead of 1200 euros


10. Prizes:

– each series ( A, B, C, D ) will have a winner (so, 4 winners in total)
– this one will be announced at the end of each series and the price will be one of the following ( at his/her option):
a) one of my original watercolors to be sent by post
b) a free month of training on my next group online class
c) 1 hour on skype where he/she can talk live with me


11. Where can you find Ioana Avram?

E-mail: fashionteaching@gmail.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FashionTeaching
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionillustrationforsale
Site: www.fashion-teaching.com
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/isandru/

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Fashion collection inspired by chandeliers feathers and butterflies

Thank you for your comments, likes and shares on my latest videos. This tutorial I made for all of you who asked about a fashion collection inspired by chandeliers, feathers and butterflies. We will start with the chandeliers. After doing my research on Pinterest, and you will see now what inspired me, I started drawing in pencil. I won’t use the color yet, because what interests me now is to generate as many sketches as possible.

I wanted to say that I received a lot of emails from you guys, but to make these tutorials useful, I think it is better to practice the same exercises as me. So, use the same sources of inspiration and practice a little and then send me your ideas and I will present them in my next videos. You will learn more when doing the same exercise and the fact that everybody will work on the same topic will help us all to see how many possibilities there are, even if the source is the same for everybody.

You will learn not only because of my feedback to you but because you will participate in a large discussion with all people implicated in the fashion collection. You will see what other did and compare the result. This will help you learn from your mistakes but also from their mistakes. Coming back to my drawings, I explored the basic shapes of each chandelier and I used the same textures and details. These are basic ideas, and it is not difficult to simply observe the source of inspiration and transform it into a fashion costume.

For the third image, I used not only the chandelier but also the folding and curtains around it. The color will come later, and you can imagine these dresses in ivory, black, chocolate brown, soft peach or gold. The second challenge was feathers. The thing with the feathers is that they are quite symmetric and sometimes not very juicy to inspire. I always search for incredible sources, asymmetric objects or exotic plants or animals to start from. When the source is quite dry, what I do is to try to go deep and see the details, as in this case.

Maybe the color can inspire you or the paintings of a feather – like the peacock feathers.In this case I was inspired by textures and patterns. You can explore those fluffy parts of a feather, or the macro structure of feathers that will inspire you too. With the butterflies, the process was almost the same. They are too symmetrical and sometimes predictable in shape. I searched for some special shapes and I use their patterns to make a costume of them. What I consider boring is to actually take a butterfly and use it as a pattern in your dress. The crowdness is not a creative solution that one can be proud of, but if there is no other think to start from, well, this can be accepted.

That’s why I tried to escape this area of using an element and transforming it into a module, so I used wings and their forms to compose my costumes. The caterpillars were eve more offering, so I did a sketch inspire by one. As about he colors for this collection I thought of using the green from my caterpillar and turquoise balanced with large surfaces of gray and black. Hope you enjoyed my video, and, as always, please do not forget to subscribe!Thank you!


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How to create a fashion collection inspired by insects and dragonflies

With this new video I will continue with the challenges you send me. This time, I will do some sketches inspired by insects, especially bugs and dragonflies. Stay until then end of my video to see my sources of inspiration for the collections i made. Also, feel free to get inspired by the same images to create your own fashion collection and then send them to me at fashionteaching@gmail.com and I will reply and help you improve your skills.

Once again, I will sketch only in pencils, without adding the colors. I mentioned in my previous videos the fact that you can sketch only in graphite pencils and then, you can add colors in your computer or on a transparent paper if you want to see what colors fits best.
When drawing with pencils, use graphic elements like: lines, dots, shapes and explore the possibilities.

When sketching after a source of inspiration, don’t be afraid of thinking unconventional. When it comes to creating a new costume, you should be as creative as possible because later on you will have enough time to clarify and simplify the model if you want it to be wearable. When sketching, do not think of a certain part of your costume. Do not think or try to create a blouse or a dress – i said this in my previous videos too.

For the first sketch I thought of using the module from the upper part of the insect and I transformed it into a blouse and a hat. I used the beetle wings for my trousers and the other elements for the sleeves. For the second one, I started to think of transforming an interesting insect as you can see. I used the reliefs and transposed them into patterns on my dress. The legs and those segments of the legs – I used them to create the lower part of the dress.

For the third piece, I explored the same image but I tried to make a wearable costume out of it. The 3D shapes of the insect are now textures or patterns printed on my outfit. Getting to the dragonflies part, I explored the bubbles of water around their wings. Their transparency and shape were useful and I played a little with these modules. Also, the fine structure of the sensible wings were nice to explore. Otherwise, the dragonflies and the butterflies, as I said on my last video are quite symmetrical and predictable as shape.

I think the insects and especially the beetles that you will see at the end of my video are the greatest source I found until yet. Thank you for sending me such creative themes:)

It was so fun to think of unconventional sources of inspiration:) Waiting for your comments, likes and shares, and, as always, please subscribe for more.
See you during week-end!

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