A fast way to learn fashion online

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Starting this week-end, I will propose you a new, affordable way to learn fashion for just 25 euros. Here is how things work:

1. each week I will submit a new brief on my Fashion teaching Online Classes Facebook group – this is FREE and everybody will be able to see the brief. To know where to find the briefs see the link in the description of this video.


2. if you are interested to learn and to receive feed-back from me, you will have to send me your sketches here: fashionteaching@gmail.com

3. to receive my advice and tips you will have to make a payment of 25 euros/brief on my paypal account. Once you want to start to work on a brief, you will send me a notification and i will give you my paypal account.

4. in 2 days you will receive the feed-back in written format

5. if you want to work on your second, third, fourth brief and so on you will make another payment of 25 euros for each brief if you want to receive my tips.

+ personal feed-back on your sketches: tips and ways to improve
+ affordable price
+ 7 days to submit works, so take your time to work
+ you can choose your favorite brief to work on
+ simple and fast way to learn ONLINE
+ unlike my online classes, no need to commit for long terms
( my online classes take 2 or 3 months)

the brief for next friday is:
DIGITAL so send me a message on my email fashionteaching@gmail.com with the word DIGITAL as subject. I will know you want to participate for this first brief and i will send you my paypal account. Then start doing your research and work on the brief until next Friday and wait until Sunday to receive your feed-back and many tips.

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How to enroll at my online classes

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Today, I want to present you how my online classes will work in 2017.

First of all, there are 2 classes:

a) online fashion class ( it starts the 1st of each month, takes 3 months and it costs 300 euros for the entire class)
b) online drawing class for fashion ( it starts the 15th of each month, 2 months of training for 200 euros for the entire course)

If you do not know how much is the equivalent of 300 and 200 euros in your currency, see here a convertor – see in the description of my video the link:

We will study together fashion and drawing for fashion in order to prepare for entrance exams at fashion universities around the world or simply for fun if you are interested just to improve your skills.

An now,in short,

1. Each week-end you will receive the brief in a secret Facebook group: a challenge that you will have to work on until next Friday.

2. Each Friday you will have to send me your sketches via email here: fashionteaching@gmail.com

3. Stay tuned on 2 things: your email and the secret Facebook group – where each Sunday I will post a new challenge + a lot of tips, links, inspiring posts, trends and theoretic knowledge.

4. You will receive by email a personal feed-back on your drawings and tips on how to improve

5. Then, we repeat: Each week-end you will receive a new brief, have time until next Friday to sketch, then send me your sketches for feed-backs and then wait for another brief.

6. At the end of the 3 months course you will receive a diploma that will attest the fact that you did all the 12 challenges and you took the online course with me.

The brands indicated below are just a suggestion of tools needed. These are the best brands that might help you in the future, as a future designer:) But, for sure, if you don’t find them in your country/city, it is not a problem. Any other brand will do for the course.

Basically we will need graphite pencils, paper and some colorful tools ( either colored pencils, markers, watercolors or other) for the colored drawings we will do.

1. A4 paper sheets ( 210 x 297 cm)
2. graphite pencils ( I would recommend Koh-I-Noor, Toison d’Or or Faber Castell pencils, 6B and 8B pencils)
3. eraser ( if needed ) – I would recommend Factis erasers, if not, any eraser can be good.
4. pencil sharpener ( my favorite is Cretacolor brand but any sharpener will do)
5. markers ( I work with Copics, Art and Graphic Twin markers, Sharpie, Posca – but if you don’t find them, any marker will help)
6. watercolors ( My reco are either Winsor and Newton or Sonet watercolors based on honey )
7. colored pencils ( My reco is Derwent brand – for their beautiful colors, coverage and softness)

To send me your works, you will need either a scanner or a photo camera and a good source of light.

See now some examples of how to send me your sketches:

This is the way I would like to receive your drawings: Clear images, white background, the source of inspiration next to your drawings. Scanned sketches or photographed with a good light. Blurred images to be avoided, sharp photos are desired. Also, please do not forget to send them to me by email here: fashionteaching@gmail.com

E-mail: fashionteaching@gmail.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FashionTeaching
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionillustrationforsale
Site: www.fashion-teaching.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/fashion_teaching/
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/isandru/
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/bijuterra

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How to think like an accessory designer: The Design Process

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Today I will get you through the creative thinking behind a bag or purse collection.

I will start with simple forms because as I understood from you, the most difficult is to start from a simple white paper without knowing how to approach a new challenge.
Start sketching without thinking too much of the result. In this phase, generating as many ideas as possible should be your main focus.
So imagine your bag having a simple shape and then place another geometric shape there where you will want your bag’s handles to be.

Imagine squares, round shapes, combined shapes, triangles and so on.
Then, it is the time to alter the primary shape used for your bag. Imagine round edges, no more corners, asymmetrical forms and so on.
Once you get tired of generating so many ideas, get to the next primary shape: the circle. Now repeat the process.

After that, think of other shapes and imagine the handle system.

Now let’s play random with a grid. Just doodle some lines and then try to see in this grid the new shape of your bag or purse.
Once you are happy, just underline the shape and then restart the process of adjusting the details.

Then, because it is the time to think of a placement of your product, think creative and imagine different positions or relations with the human body. We are all tired to see the same kind of bags all the time. Think of unconventional all the time.

Now let’s get to styling. After choosing your favorite shape and handle style, get to details: textures, colors, fabrics and so on. See what you can do out of stripes. Could they be colorful? Painted in gradient? From different fabrics? Different kind of leathers?

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