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Hello all,

We are a team of fashion designers and fashion illustration teachers. We conceived this site as being a tool for people who want to learn fashion design in a new interactive way, for youngsters who already study art at high-schools preparing  for exams at universities of fashion design, for those who like to sketch as a hobby and maybe want more, or even a guide or a tool for fashion teachers.

Anyway, we put here everything we considered important for every artist’s education and we hope that this site will be everything that we, as former fashion students, wanted to find out in one single place:)

Why do we do this? Because we really think knowledge is a rare thing : you gain by giving it away.

How to work with this tool?

Firstly, you have to start with the first post, because lessons and homeworks go chronologically. Secondly, you will have on the left side of the site the “Recent posts” so please take a look at the newest updates – it is possible to add more posts to a chapter that was created 3 pages ago. (we just add information and the site is a work in progress, we will always improve the content). Then, you have the categories and chapters and if you are interested, let’s say, about Colors, you just go there and read everything we have and the latest updates. Thirdly, and most importantly are the Comments. The site functions like this: we will have theory, then examples, practice, homework and questions from you. Feel free to either comment and wait for our reply, or write us on fashionteaching@gmail.com and send us your works and homework so that we will post it on the site and give you feed-back. Everything will be anonymous so stay cool. It’s like having your private teacher and also having the money to buy as much ice-cream as you want. Because the lessons are free.:)

Ok, the serious part: the next posts will contain some works to prove what one could do after these fashion lessons and then we will start posting lessons about how to be a creative fashion illustrator.

Stay tuned!

Thank you,
The Fashion-teaching team

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6 Responses to About Fashion teaching site

  1. Olivia Preston says:

    Thank you for directing me here form You Tube- this is THE EXACT resource i have spent months searching the net for to support my online fashion design and technology diploma I am doing. That is costing me $11,500! THIS is the ultimate back up resource – and… IT’S FREE!!!! I just love u guys for being so generous with your time and knowledge, it is super kind and very appreciated.
    Cant wait to explore the site chronologically as you advised. :-)


    • fashion-teaching.com says:

      Hi Olivia,
      nice to be of real use for you and in generally for all of you that wrote us
      good luck and all best

  2. Candace says:

    Hello! I really look forward to learning from your website! I’m trying to study fashion design and I hope by coming here that I will gain more confidence in my fashion sketches and build a good portfolio. Thank you so much :3

  3. Hello
    great sight. so much to learn;) thank you. I want to work as with fashion and illustration, I live in Denmark. Do you have any good advice for schools, or should i learn on my own keep drawing and learning from your great sight and see what i can achieve with my work. to paint is the greatest passion i KNOW.

    • fashion-teaching.com says:

      thank you for the comment:)
      the best is to start drawing a lot and then, you will see, a lot of doors will be opened for you.
      if you like this a lot, you will succeed
      good luck!

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