Some works – part II






These are some pencil drawings we’ve made. It was an exercise to see the expressive ways of this technique. Use pencils starting from 6B to 8B. In some countries there are 9B pencils also. So, a new lesson today: pencils have different grades, like below. The use of these different pencils will help you create different effects.







If you want to have more intense shades, use pencils B. If you want to write with them, simply use the HB pencils.

For technical drawing you will use the H – meaning Hard pencils – that will allow you to have a sharper line and a less greasy pencil. But in our studies, we will use only B to 8B pencils because they are soft and provide strength in line and dark contrasts.

– HB is for writing

H is for technical drawings (H = hard)

B is for for free drawing and fashion (B = black = the softest pencils).

F = fine point (writing pencil)


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4 Responses to Some works – part II

  1. Alessandra Duailibi says:

    WOW these are amazing! Can you do a video of how to do one of these drawings?
    The first one from the top is AMAZINGGGG

    congrats :) love your blog

  2. azadeh says:

    hello sory i cant find ur viedo. may u help me?

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