About what my hands can do

Hello again!

About the previous exercise, we can also try other lines (not just the V, H, d1, d2 and curled lines) like: 45 degrees, 30, 15 and so on. In fact, we are only interested in warming up our right hand and sometimes, our…left hand:) Most of the artists I know are left handed, and due to my experience, they are even more creative than the rest of us:). In fact, no matter the hand, most of the times, it is more important to work a lot than to have talent and not a little bit of sweat to reveal it.

Those exercises I proposed (and still continue in the next posts) are especially created to tame your hand. Sometimes we realize that our drawing is not so good (our brain realizes that) but when we draw, we observe that sometimes the hand has a will of its own that leads the pencil on the paper.

So the exercises will succeed in making the hand be in a real relation with your brain, and obeying your orders:)

And, just like in music, you will need a lot of trainings to control your hand to do exactly what you want.

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