Backstage exercises – introducing 1st exercise: Fixed line

Each time we start drawing we need some exercises to warm-up. I will start with the simple one and finish with the most difficult. It is important to do these exercises in chronological order. You don’t need a special paper for these exercises: an A4, normal page is ok to start the trainings.

You will have to repeat these exercises each day and each time you start drawing something. First, you should care about the quantity of work, then about the quality and after all, about the speed of your drawings.

Tip: if you need one hour to finish a draw, you will need double time to finish it in colors or just for black and white shading. In short, guide yourself helped by the following formula: draw= x, filling= 2x ( in hours)

Exercise nr.1. Fixed Line

– all exercises from now on must be done in 4 different angles: vertical (v), horizontal (h), ascending diagonal (let’s call it diagonal 2 or d2)  and descending diagonal (let’s call it diagonal 1 or d1)
– in short, we have these directions:
v, h, d1, d2.

How do we do this?
– we trace a line in one of these directions and then we try to overlap as many lines as we can on the same initial line.
– the most important is to maintain the initial line and not to surpass it by more than 2-3 mm.

Why do we do this exercise?
– to trace the outline of different objects
– to underline some parts of the objects – using thick lines we can make the shadows of the objects.
– in time, we could even try curled lines like here:

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  1. Jas says:

    Hi Ioana.

    Thank you, thank you so much! Thank you for the idea, cultivation, and execution of this wonder resource you have created. I’m so grateful.

    I will be in communication with you as I progress!


  2. hoda says:

    I really thank you for all the effort to help us

    thank you

  3. Sepideh says:

    Your training is very useful , I realy thank you hope you achive your golden gole .<3<3

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