Exercise no. 3 : Ellipses


– the ellipse is a circle in space.
– in plan, meaning 2D (bi-dimensional) we have the circle inscribed in the square.
– in space, meaning 3D (tri-dimensional) we have the ellipse inscribed in each sides of the cube.

Why do we do this exercise?

– because we will need this later to create the rotation corps.
– in fact, we will see that all objects could be de-constructed in primary objects like: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone,  parallelepiped, pyramid.

How do I start?

– first you have to draw a small dot
– then you help yourself with a fine line in a shape of a circle – it will be a guide for you in your next step
– then we start from the center of the circle in any direction (you could try both of them later) and we draw the ellipses.





– let’s try to make the ellipse as symmetrical as possible, not like here:




– ellipses should be symmetrical on both axes: OX and OY- vertical and horizontal. The upper part of it should be the mirror of the lower and the left side, the mirror of the right side.


– after some exercises, you could start doing the ellipses with no guidelines: just start from the middle point – the center and choose a direction for your ellipses.



Another exercise that you could do is try drawing ellipses in all directions, following a path like here:

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