Some nice inspirational colors

I like smooth, light colors, warm grays and transparencies. But we will talk about it later when we will study the fashion composition and we will work together at some fashion collections. For more colors like these, please see COPIC markers that offer such colors. They have hundreds of tones and all the colors you can imagine. You can choose from brown colors collection to or gray or skin colors. Just name it, and they have it. Each marker has 2 sides: thin and thick and the colors have names and codes so that you can easily find the color you need. You could buy refill for your markers too. But usually the markers have a long life and the refill is not needed very soon. Mine are 2 years old and I still work with them:)

Some other inspirational colors I like and their name here:

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5 Responses to Some nice inspirational colors

  1. Catalina says:

    Hii :D I would love to have so many Copics! Specially bright colors!
    xoxo from Spain, your blog is now a must ;)

  2. says:

    Thank you, Catalina for your comment.
    I am a big fan of Copic Markers too:)
    thank you a lot for our words. Stay tuned for the next posts and see my tutorials here too:

  3. Salonigupta says:

    Heyy please help me I am 16 noW and do not know much about how to go about but I wanna be one of the best fashion designer ,please show me the correct path and how am I supposed to start

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