Exercise no. 5: Ellipse + cube = love

Hello again!

In our last post we said that we should do the exercises in chronological order. So, for this 5th exercise we need to train a little bit and make sure that we did correctly all the other exercises because otherwise, this 5th exercise won’t be possible.

– first, draw the cube as we learned previously.
– then do the followings:
– trace the diagonals of each side of the cube and then the half of each segment
– trace the arches MP and NO
– where the MP arch intersects the diagonals we name the point with ” a “
– trace a parallel segment – ” ab ” and  ” ac ”
– trace the arches PCO and NbM, so that we could have an ellipse.
– build ellipses on all sides of the cube
– all ellipses form now a sphere.
– if the cube is not well drawn, the ellipses are badly done, so the sphere will not be possible.


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