Today, let’s play – theoretic part.

Lines – theoretic part

In fashion drawing we will need all the tools to express ourselves. The more the drawing is more sensitive, having a plastic, modulated curled line, the more it is more expressive and vibrating.

If you ever wondered how many elements do we have in our “tool box”, here you have the answer:

We have:

Dots/ Lines/ Surfaces

as our tools. Nothing more:). And these 3 tools are called “elements of visual communication”.


A set of lines can suggest movement, expressing a state. Depending on the form, purpose or position, expression lines can have different meanings:

Continue line : precision, accuracy

Interrupted line: indecision, search, uncertainty

Straight line: rigor, logic, reason

Broken line:  rigor, vitality

Curved line: emotion, tenderness, delicacy

Horizontal line: calm, rest

Vertical line: aspiration, elevation


Expressiveness and meaning of lines also depend on how they are grouped:

Vertical lines divided into equal intervals: balance, sensitivity;

Horizontal lines: stability, peace;

Curved lines, slightly wavy: grace, smooth motion

Spiral curves, on the contrary directions: speed, kneading

Lines the same thickness: simplicity

Lines of different thicknesses: complexity

Parallel lines (horizontal, vertical, oblique): order, harmony

The lines may suggest the idea of form, space and even color.

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