Shading I – 45 degrees

We try to transpose on a paper what we see around us, the multidimensional – into a bi-dimensional drawing. For that we need shading and effects. Today we will learn about shading. There are a lot of drawing shading techniques, but we will learn the most important ones.The 45 degree technique

We can create shading by using the 45 degree inclination of the hatching.

We can create the light and the shadow through:

a)  the intensity of the shading line
b)  the distance between the shading lines
c)  the thickness of lines

the combination between these techniques. Like here:




Sometimes, the 45 degree shading can be also used in the mirror. Some examples from the history of art  like Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings you can see below. Don’t forget to click on them for large sizes.

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