Human anatomy

First, you should know some basic bones and muscles of the human body. And for this, my advice is to study anatomy after Gottfried Bammes’ drawings. There is no use for me to teach you this. I’ve learned in school that the most important is to know where to find your information when you need it the most. So this time, it’s Bammes. I studied after him and I recommend his books. You can learn anatomy and all about muscles andbones. You can also study Barcsay.  I will post about him later. But for the moment, here you will find some excellent Bammes studies to learn from:

Gottfried Bammes’ books are:

  • Die Gestalt des Menschen
  • Die neue große Zeichenschule
  • Menschen zeichnen
  • Der nackte Mensch
  • Figürliches Gestalten
  • Tiere zeichnen
  • Künstleranatomie und bildnerischer Ausdruck
  • Körper und Gewand
  • Studien zur Gestalt des Menschen

  • Image: Gottfried Bammes


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