Textures and how to shade them III – Spheres


– we will use the spheres when creating accesories in fashion illustration

– first we draw some circles
– you will establish the light source
– shade the circles as if they were some spheres (see the generator of the sphere shape)
– at the end you could shade the background, so that the spheres will look brighter and they will have more relief
– leave the Reflex zone around each sphere for more volume

– we could use any size and color for the “pearls”, and any color for the background: try different variants, depending on what effect you would want to obtain from your fashion illustration

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  1. Shane says:

    Is it wrong that I’m more impressed by the pblsioisity of a Mick capable of 100 sit-ups than ANY of you lot’s drawings?I like this sorta thing a lot, Wilburforce. Enlarging the images really show the improvement more than the initial glance at the thumbails. The updated versions done digitally? They look more trad somehow.

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