Human anatomy – the nose I

The nose is difficult to represent because it sticks out of the face volume and therefore its appearance depends on the viewpoint. Observe these sketches and practice by drawing the nose in various positions. It’s easier to make some photos and draw after them. I will make thiseasier for you in the next post where I will add some pictures from different angles. Try not to shade all volume of the nose. It’s enough to highlight the shadows at the base of the nose and then to put those special lights on the tip of it – light that I will call “the blitz” from now on. Like in the previous case, you will find here the primary shapes that will decompose the nose, so that it will be easier for you to draw it. Hope you will know now how to draw the nose.

Image: “Portraits.Faces.and.Figures” by Giovanni Civardi

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  1. Josh says:

    what is the nose three columns down on the left at the beginning

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