Human anatomy – the head I

As we learned in the Perspective post about the horizon line and the vanishing points, we will apply this knowledge on the human figure.  The drawing below will remind you of the basic principles of perspective. If you imagine the head within a cube whose edges touch its most protruding points, you will find it easy to put in perspective the details of the face.

We should know some sizes and proportions before starting the human face drawing:

– the head is split in 3 parts: one part is the length of the nose


– between the 2 eyes there is a space where you could fill in another eye
– if we project a vertical line from the nostril, we reach the interior of the eyes.
– the distance between the lower part of the nose and the chin, if we split it in 2 equal parts, we will have the exact placement of the mouth
– if we rotate the vertical size of the head leftward and then rightward, we will obtain the size of the shoulders: this means their size is the double size of the head

See here some proportions:


“Portraits.Faces.and.Figures” by Giovanni Civardi

“Drawing the Head and Hands” by Andrew Loomis


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  1. Kyra says:

    I’m looking for as much help as I can get with drawing the human figure. I have tried so many different ways and im not sure why but I can’t seem to achieve what I want. If there is any advice you could give me it would be greatly appriciated!

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