Axes – Cylinders – Connections

Today we will learn the 3 stages of fashion drawing that I teach my students.

firstly, you trace the axes of the human body

secondly, you make basic, primary objects around those axes you’ve just traced

thirdly, you just smoothly connect the primary shapes: imagine a surface that covers the whole body and connect all the primary shapes

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2 Responses to Axes – Cylinders – Connections

  1. Tricia L Savage says:

    I am attempting to sketch my designs for Sourcing at Makers Row and need model female anatomy sketches or model sketches…

    I thought I could and would sketch my designs with tracing paper over top them.

    How can I obtain the resources to simplify this need?

    I would love to gain the techniques and education but, now I have too little time to catch speed designing.

    The accuracy is very relevant!


    Tricia L Savage
    Falmouth, Maine

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