Studying the human body I

The human body anatomy: I will add some images concerning the human proportions. I recommend studying anatomy after Bammes’ drawings. I’ve learned to draw anatomy and construction after his sketches.For the first step, a strong, good constructed draw is necessary. Then I will upload you my works and teach you the fashion drawing. Don’t forget to contact me by email or write comments here and I will reply.

Some basic rules that you can find here:

– the head enters 7 1/2 times the body (in fashion we could have other proportions, like: 8 to 11 times)

– the palm of your hand is as big as your face

– two times the height of your face, rotated horizontally, is the length of the shoulders

– two times the height of your face is the breast line

– the arms, including the palms of the hands are situated at half distance between knees and hips

– the knees are half distance between hip and ankle

– the waist is at half distance between head an ankle

– the hip has the same size as the shoulders

Just click on the image and you will see some measurements in detail.

Image: Gottfried Bammes

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