After the basics, let’s start the fashion drawing

Hello again,

Long time no see. But finally I’ve said I would make some time to continue writing. Today, a post about how you should start a fashion illustration. In fact, any draw you will do in the future.

Firstly, you sketch the AXES. There are a lot of positions in which the human body can be represented but in short, you must see the lines of the shoulders and hips. (In my drawing: segments AB and CD). The rule is simple: when AB is up, CD goes down. See below the schematic representation of the parts of the body.

Secondly, after drawing the AXES, you will draw the PRIMARY SHAPES: you decompose the body into cylinders, spheres, cones, cubes and so on.

Thirdly, you will go into the ANATOMICAL DETAILS. You will imagine a “skin” covering all the primary shape elements and cover them with smooth shapes.


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12 Responses to After the basics, let’s start the fashion drawing

  1. seehaen says:

    so useful !!!! thank you so much !!!!

  2. Shahad Sidek says:

    Thank you for all the post about fashion figures. They are so useful for me as an interior designer for my thesis project as you had the body into its basic shapes.

  3. binh says:

    so amazing website to me!!! I love fashion but I really don’t know where to start. I’m so happy to be here. Hope that you’ll give us more useful information. :)

  4. Ben compani says:

    Do you have any videos for sale? Are you possibly I atlanta so I can take a class? You are very talented.


    Excellent instruction again
    I learned that same line+shape=form from the How to draw comics the Marvel’s way book lol
    Oh and the pronunciation you’re is
    But I do understand of course that you’re a visitor to our country lol
    And you’re most welcome here

    • says:

      i am not a visitor. i live in my country. I just teach in english online.
      english is not my native language so…hope you understand what i want to transmit through my tutorials.


    Also, I wasn’t picking on you or trying to be mean lol
    We’re all together in America and help each other
    We teach and learn from each other
    As friends lol
    I pointed it out so no one else would be able to pick on you
    You’re a wonderful artist and person

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