Fashion illustrations by Ioana Avram

No lessons for today. Just take a look at my latest drawings and make some studies after. For those interested in my fashion illustrations for sale, see here. Have a good week, and see you soon with new posts on how to learn fashion drawing alone, at home. Stay tuned and enjoy my fashion sketches.


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2 Responses to Fashion illustrations by Ioana Avram

  1. Cheikita snell says:

    Hello My name is Cheikita

    I recently started following you on youtube and am starting a shoe and clothing brand called
    FOKKXY. I haven’t sketched since my teenage years and have a minimal to none budget to start my project but strongly believe in its arrival. when I cam across your channel on you tube I was so excited I nearly cried. It has been difficult to try fitting a desingner into my budget, when I know how capable I am of achieving the task myself. this will give me the refresher and edge I need to get my line started. I want to thank you so much for sharing your expertise with the world there are many of us who appreciate you taking the time to help us evolve.
    you have no idea how much this has helped me. again Thank you from my heart.

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