How to draw the eye

Today we will see together how to draw the eyes in watercolor or ink. First I draw the shape of the eye. It looks like a lemon: one edge is round, but the other edge has a small bump. The side of the eye that has that small bump tells us which eye I have painted. In this case, it’s the left eye of the person, so, as you can see on the paper, it means that the nose will

appear in the left part of the eye. So, first of all you put some water on the paper, in shape of the future eye. Then you use the watercolor merging technique to trace the upper part of the eye, then the lower, the eyebrow and the eyelashes.

For the pupil, all you have to do is add a dot when the paper is still wet and you will see that the eye will look bright and wet as you can see in the print screens below. The idea is to have speed to draw this very fast. You will need some exercise to do this but once you have learned the movement of your hand, it will be easy. Take a look at these steps by step tutorial in frames. See some print screens from my Youtube channel below.

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