Learn how to draw fashion sketches in 3 steps_part 1

Today I will post some exercises regarding the construction of the human body. I’ve written previously about the 3 stages of a fashion drawing here and here. Just to make this clear for all of us, here is the lesson is short: Axes – Primary shapes – Connections.


This means that at the beginning you should sketch the human body in a few lines, after that you should draw the basic – primary shapes the body is composed of and at the end, all you will have to do is to smooth these shapes and to imagine a soft shape that covers the primary shapes: cones, cubes, cylinders and spheres.


This is the system you should use every time you want to draw fashion sketches. I’ve drawn sketches just for you in order to see the first stage I was talking about: The axes.

First you have to think of a position. In short, the axes of the shoulders and hips can be either parallel, or nonparallel. If they are not parallel, if the axis of the shoulder is going up, the other one is going down, and vice-versa. See the images here.

Tip: copy the image on your computer and mirror-rotate it to have even more positions to study how to draw human body.

There are a lot of positions that can be used and just to tell you a tip, here is what I do: search for fashion magazines to inspire you. Carefully observe the curves of the human body and imagine the lines behind the image. In the following picture I underlined in red the main axes I was telling you about: the line of shoulders and hips plus the line of the knees

that must be parallel with the lines of the hips. Basically, the two lines (shoulders and hips) must balance the body. See the example in the image below. Just zoom on the image and make a fashion sketch after it.

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  1. Your site is amazing! I first stubbled upon your Youtube site and I found it so helpful. I plan to take Fashion Design but I don’t have the time yet…so please know your such a big help! I will definitely try this out!

    Thanks for sharing your expertise! x

  2. sarah says:

    i need ur help

  3. simran marwah says:

    hey…. ur videos r great !! i wanna study fashion design after high school… n i discovered ur youtube channel about 3-4 days ago… n ur videos have helped me improve my fashion poses alot !!
    i am looking forward to see more of ur videos….
    n u r an inspiration fo me !! XO

  4. Rita says:

    This is really cool….thankz.

  5. sithumini says:

    oh thanks I learned lot of things

  6. Bro Strider says:

    Jegus, thank you that was real helpful. I might have a chance at drawin humans now.

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