How to draw the human body in 3 stages

Today I will describe in details the 3 important stages when drawing the human body. You previously read more posts about how to draw fashion sketches and poses here. Here they are, explained in one drawing.

How to draw the human body

First of all make sure you leave an invisible frame around the human poses. This will help you center the 3 images and also it is a guideline that will tell you which is the area where your human figures should appear. The frame should be one finger thick and not more. Then, split the area in 3 equal parts and start to draw the AXIS of the human body.

First drawing:

Draw the vertical line – this is the center of the human body and the symmetry line. Then add the two lines: the shoulder axis and the hip axis. When one is up, the other one is down. When the hip axis goes down, the knee axis follows it. In this first phase pf the drawing, all you will have to do is to sketch the position of the human body through axes.

Second drawing:

Once the axes are drawn, you will go to the next step: basic, primary shapes around those axes you’ve just traced. Try to simplify the shapes into primary shapes: spheres, cones, cubes, cylinders or secondary shapes.

Third drawing:

In this part, all you will have to do is to just smoothly connect the primary shapes: imagine a surface that covers the whole body and connect all the primary and secondary shapes.

I added 3 different poses, just to make sure you will have enough human figures to draw.


How to draw the human pose How to sketch the human body

Hope my drawings from this post will help you easily draw the human body.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Ioana
    Could you help me to understand a bit more the proportions of body, legs and arms, and distance between shoulder and hip axis?
    Thank you

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