Learn how to draw fashion poses

Now that you learned how to find human poses, How to draw the human body in 3 stages and how to draw fashion sketches in 3 steps, it is the time to see some detail models and practice some fashion poses.

I draw some simple fashion poses that you can use in your fashion illustrations. First drawing underlines the axes so that you can see them better.

I used red marker to underline the shoulder, hip and knee axes and also the line of the muscles. Zoom on each of the drawings and start analyzing my drawings: you already know about the stages, the steps and how to draw the human body. But this time, please observe also the lines used. In the next post I will write about how the lines change in 3 situations. Read here.

how to draw fashion poses how to draw fashion positionshow to draw a simple fashion pose

how to draw fashion models fashion sketch by ioana avramhow to draw fashion models_

how to draw five simple fashion pose

how to draw fashion positions_

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9 Responses to Learn how to draw fashion poses

  1. Vuyisile says:

    This things look easy to draw. . They’re all difficult.

  2. julia says:

    this help me a LOT, thank you soooooo much

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  4. Gizem Pınar says:

    Thanks a lot, from Turkey :)

  5. Fatimah Dewi says:

    omygod! i’m soo lucky found this blog!
    i want to know more about human anatomy and drawing sketches.
    your article is very help! Thank you..
    i’m still teenager and very curious about fashion sketching..
    thanks a lot for the tutorials! i love it!

    from Indonesia :D

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