Tips on how to find human poses

You did all the exercises already presented in my previous posts. And you will ask yourself: ” Now, what’s next? I did all the exercises and I have no poses left to get inspiration from”. Well this post is about this: how to find human poses. And I will give you some examples in the following drawings that I just scanned:) Now that you are aware of the 3 stages of how to draw the human body, here are just some axes of the possible poses of the human body.

Start drawing fashion sketches after them and you will be more flexible when thinking of a new position. To double the poses, just flip rotate them in a graphic program and make some fashion drawings after.

fashion poses sketches

In the next image I did like this: I took the same croquis and transformed it into many other sketches. All the weight of the human body is sustained by the leg from right side ( left leg if we thing of the model’s point of view). Change the position of the hands, left side leg, the inclination and balance of the axes and here they are: about 7 different positions.

Flip rotate them so that the weight is sustained now by the other leg and obtain 14 poses of the human body. Change the position of the axes like in the third sketch ( where axes of the shoulder and hip are parallel) and also change the position of the human parts to obtain even more positions. Got it?

poses sketchedfashion poses

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3 Responses to Tips on how to find human poses

  1. kathleen Bailey says:

    initially I thought this is too difficult. I want simply. Now I think its just AWESOME !!!!! TOOOO EASY !! I love fashion designing and someday I will make a career out of it!

    • says:

      thank you for your comment:)
      i am sure you will.
      keep on watching my video tutorials on youtube:)

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