From human anatomy to fashion illustration

In this post you will learn how to draw fashion illustration starting from human anatomy. First we studied together the 3 stages to sketch the human anatomy: the axes, the primary shapes and the connection between shapes in order to finish the drawing of the body.

Once all these are known by heart, you will start to “forget” them and take another step. Well, the question is: How to draw a fashion illustration? There are a few guidelines that might help you reduce the human body anatomy to its essence.

My advices are below:

from human anatomy drawing to fashion illustration
















– documentation: you will need as much visual input as possible: see David Downton’s site, René GRUAU’s and Takeshi Ohgushi  works and mine’s here.

– carefully observe the lines used, the light and illumination, the details, the colors and how they add refinement in their combination of hues, the pressure of their lines, everything

– try to copy the drawings first because only by drawing you can realize what is it to be done, how you should move your hand, how to add color and light to your drawings

– learn how to draw the human head:  do as much exercises as you can an study this: how ti draw the ears, the nose, the lips, the eyes.

– after drawing the human anatomy you should start to make the transition to the fashion sketches and fashion drawing: make your fashion models look thinner. For this you should make their heads smaller ( usually we draw the human head like being the 7th and 1/2 part of the human body but now you can make it like being the 11th part of the body), prolong the size of their legs and make them thinner.

– the muscles are not in prominence, the fashion models should look thin

– the second drawing is a fashion sketch or croquis ( with this drawing you can go to a tailor and guided by you, he will be able to make a costume out of it) and the last one is a fashion illustration ( when drawing a fashion illustration, the anatomy and the details are not so important, the fashion model becomes now a support for the idea, for your imagination and artistic feeling. You can express as you like, because you are free, and the fashion illustration is a form of art)

– for the phase 2 and 3, repeat the exercise with the flexible line below:

drawing exercises

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    can u make a video, about female walker pose please

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