How to draw fashion sketches in pencil and markers

I am sure the things go difficult and difficult for you. You learned the human anatomy, you did the exercises about line, light and shadow, you studied fashion illustrations and you learned all about the creative process of how to get professional when it comes to fashion illustrations. But how you start to add color to your sketches?

When I start to draw a fashion sketch to I do like this:

– first of all I start sketching the human body anatomy – I think of a pose and I start drawing with thin lines the axes, the primary shapes and then I finish the drawing. See here some tips of how to choose a fashion pose.

– after this, I am adding the costume in graphite pencils and at the end I add the color. Be careful: do not use thick lines in this part. Otherwise, you will have to have even bolder lines to suggest the costume and you will ruin the drawing

– before finishing, I highlight the areas I am interested in, and put some contrast and dark lines where I consider I should grab the attention

About the inspiration:

After you draw the human anatomy, it is time to study a bit the topic you are interested in: the fashion costume. I will write later on some lessons about where the inspirations come from and what can we “steal” and from where if we want to have something juicy to start from.

About the color:

Do not overload the drawing with too many colors. One color should be the “queen” and the others, the “subordinates”. Usually, a good recipe is to use the pencil together with white, black markers, gold or silver and do add only a touch of real color: orange, for example can be added as a highlight in some parts of your drawing. If you want a more colorful drawing, do not add more than 3 different colors. Otherwise, the sketch will be a mess.

Use markers that allow you to add many layers: like Copic markers for example. Fill a surface with a color and then add depth and shadows with the same color, just by repeating the filling on a precise area of that surface – this will help you create the volume. Use watercolors for transparencies or ink for bold colors, lovely hues and neon pigments.

fashion drawing by ioana avram fashion illustration fashion illustrations by ioana avram fashion illustrations fashion sketches by ioana avram

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14 Responses to How to draw fashion sketches in pencil and markers

  1. Angie says:

    Hi! I think your designs are really really good!!! I am trying to do something like yours but its too goood!!!! I’ll just take tour advice and let you be my inspiration!!!! I really admire your work and i want to be as good as you!!! Waaaahh!!!! I really really like it!!!!!!!

    • says:

      thank you
      hope you found my youtube channel too
      just search for fashion teaching:)

    • tasha says:

      I am a student and I have been really inspired by fashion and design however I do not know where to begin or start . however I have been inspired by your designs and your sketches are really beautiful and fashionable….I love them so much
      another thing I would really be glad if you gave me some advice on how to start off mainly the basics

  2. Enobong says:

    just stumbled on the site
    want to learn how to sketch pls

  3. says:

    see some tips on my vlog here:

  4. Reina says:

    Hi this is Reina! If I want to become a fashion designer, I must start to collect the magazine? I mean cut those picture from magazine and investigate´╝čActually, Im not good in sewing too…
    I also see ur design~Its very great!!!!

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  6. Ceni Benbahar says:

    ─░ love your drawings lots. They are so helpful.i was not able to draw any figures at all after watching your videos i had improved

  7. Ceni Benbahar says:

    Thank you:)

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