Inspiring fashion magazines

When I start painting, I always use fashion magazines. Today I will let you know about my top list preferences regarding what inspiring magazines I use when doing fashion illustration.

You can learn a lot after the images in these magazines. You can study color, shape, anatomy, folding and a lot more. But let’s make a list of the most interesting magazines.

Also, if you have others, you are invited to share them with us and our readers in order to improve their skills at fashion illustrating.

And here is my list:

Vogue / Bijoux/ Numéro

Harrods/ In beauty

Kurv/ Rodeo / AnOther

And I will post now some images and some sketches after the fashion photos in these magazines. Hope you will like them and study after these drawings. Also, if any questions, do not hesitate to leave me your comments. Thank you!

harrods_6 harrods_5 harrods_4 harrods_3 harrods_2 harrods_1 numero magazine vogue magazine kurv magazine cover  AnOther-Magazineanother magazine

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