Fashion photography and fashion illustration

In my previous post about Inspiring fashion magazines I showed you some of my favorites regarding fashion photography. Now I will post some inspiring photos and some fashion illustrations that me or Gary, we did.

First of all, pick carefully your photography. It must have an attitude, to be inspiring, sensual or nice to look at. For this, apart of the fashion magazines that I already mentioned, I recommend you to take a look at Xaxor, my most beloved link where I always find inspiring images for my fashion illustrations.

Here is an example of using photos in order to get inspired and to create fashion illustrations. First I sketch the portrait using pencils. I take care of the finest details because these will make the difference. The I use watercolor to create the area of lights and shadow. I use watercolor to create the skin color made from a touch of green, blue, orange, purple, white and water. I go into details. I study the eye, the reflects and the shadows. I use black ink for contrast and usually I paint the hair with black ink. The extra details can come after, using computer or not.

I scan or photograph the painting and then adjust the contrast on my computer.

Try it and send me your paintings on my email: Thank you and waiting for your mails. I will reply here on my site to all of you:)

ioana avram_fashion illustration

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