How to start doing fashion illustration

This post is written especially for Ekaterina who wrote me and asked me a lot of things about how to start in fashion illustration.

There is not the need to have University degrees or any school. This is in fact the main idea of this site: I especially created it to teach you all there is to know and to find out about fashion illustration.

This post is in fact a post for all of you that want to start painting in watercolor or learn fashion in easy steps. In order to do this, please take a look at my site chronologically, starting from my first posts about anatomy, fashion drawing, see my Youtube Channel named Fashion teaching and basically read all my articles here on my site.

So, for Ekaterina and all of you, here are some small steps and advices:

– first of all start drawing and studying the human anatomy

– learn about shades, lights, colors, contrasts, history of art, history of fashion

– practice your technique: watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, markers will help

– learn how to draw the eye, the nose, the lips and the ears

– study calligraphy

– study textures and structures of all kind: vegetal, animal etc.

– carefully study great painter’s works

– go to museums and exhibition and try to see beyond the work/painting. Try to understand what the artist is showing you. Try to educate yourself.

See my next post where I will analyze one of my friend’s watercolor work. But until then, take a look at some nice pictures with atmosphere from a private school of my friend’s in Taipei.

7872_203222239801646_1844954661_n 64227_193823690741501_1622574044_n 178433_212080822249121_1742198728_o 419262_197547557035781_1084990379_n 599652_10200628959746592_1497506011_n 903229_195739220549948_357284919_o

Thank you for reading and for your comments, likes and shares on Facebook or Youtube.

Thank you Gary Tu for the images.

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  1. Rashmi Dagwar says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for your blog its really helping me.
    And I love all images.

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