Rule of the thirds in fashion illustration

In this post we will talk about The Rule of the thirds in fashion illustration. Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal squares. This rule helps you position the most important elements in your page, layout, composition.

Adding these lines in your computer or on a printed transparent foil will help you better understand how image functions. eeven in photography, there are special cameras that allow you to see the image taken through a 9 square grid.

Some rules, in short:

– never place your subject in the middle of the page. This will create a stupid image that is not intriguing at all. You won’t like it and the layout won’t have any force.

– place your main element off center.

– balance the weight of your subject by adding another element ( this one should not be equal in size or important with your first element)

leading lines: the human eye is directed upon your page. This means, the eye has a path to follow and it is guided by some lines. When we look at a composition, our eye is naturally drawn along these lines.

– there are many types of lines that can guide your eye in this journey: straight lines, zig-zag, radial, curvy and so on

– symmetry: symmetry is not the best thing you can ever do. I do not recommend it but it is ok to know about it because the most interesting compositions you can make are using the disrupted symmetry: first you arrange the elements in a symmetry and then you broke it by adding more force to one side.

These are just a few of the rules. I will come back in the next post with a deep analysis of the following image done by Gary Tu, my fashion illustrator friend. Thank you, Gary!

Also, please download the grid below and use it in your fashion illustrations.

gary tu fashion teaching illustration grid

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