Tips and tricks for fashion illustration beginners

Hello again. In this post, I will explain in detail the steps I take in order to make a fashion illustration. First I sketch the drawing with a HB pencil. I get inspired from hundreds of fashion photos found on the internet or magazines. See this post here about sources of inspiration.

If having time, I use to make pictures with friends and start painting after. At the beginning prepare your watercolors. I use Winsor and Newton watercolors and inks for nice colors, Fabriano watercolor paper and black Chinese ink.

Winsor & Newton Cotman WaterColours Box Sets artistico-watercolor-90




























For the skin color I use a combination of purple, red, blue, a touch of green, white and water. Start with the pale colors and then add transparent layers one after another, super posed. Use about 3 different brushes: a small one for eyes, a middle one for shading of all kind and a large one – this will be used for hair or background. When painting with black ink make sure not to dilute the ink. You need as much contrast as you can obtain in order to create a crisp image. The study of shufa- the art of calligraphy– as seen in my Shufa post on Fashion teaching site, will help you have a correct brush stroke. The brush you see in my hand on my video on my Youtube channel is a water brush that I filled with black Chinese ink and use it to draw the hair.


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