How to sketch an eye in watercolors

Hello again. I recently talked with my friend Gary Tu ( thank you Gary for the images below) about ways to easy represent the human eye in watercolors. And here are some steps when drawing the eye. First of all you will have to prepare your skin pink color. Remember the recipe I gave you in another post?

Here it is: use white, water, a touch of blue, a touch of green, purple and orange. You can dilute this pink as much as you want and be sure, even the softest pink will be visible when the paper is dried.

First: draw the shape of the eye as explained in the post here. ( see the part with the lower and upper segments)

Second: use black ink to create the shape of the eye, especially the contour of the eye. With gray, blue, green or brown colorize the iris of the eye and then be careful and make sure you will place the black dot of the pupil in his right place.

Third: draw the other eye but make sure you will not add so many details like for the first eye. This will let your painting breathe and the mind complete the image. You don’t need to explain everything. It is enough to suggest and let the eye complete the illustration.

Fourth: draw the shape of the face with purple too.

Use purple for shades and strong red for the lips. Do not dilute your red. Instead of this, use bold red to underline the lips. They must be visible and bold, shiny and strong in your image. This will make the illustration sensual and attractive.

Ready? Now start painting and feel free to send me your illustrations on my email address and I will reply. Thank you!





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