How to add accents in fashion illustration

I will use today one illustration – remarkably done by Gary Tu, my fashion illustrator friend from Taipei. I just wanted to underline the importance of working on layers, as David Downton does. Here are some stages of this watercolor. I found Gary’s illustration and tried to de-composed it into elements. What if there is no color at all?

Well, you can add contrast and play with the following elements: either you have colors, or the contrast between black and white and color, or contrast between the shapes, between the forms, between the line strokes, pressure.

But anyhow you will need a contrast, you will need to add accents to your fashion illustration. The first image looks boring. By adding color you add contrast and you de-balance the image to one side. Then, at the last image, the weight of the image is now contra-balanced by the touch of black shapes. The lines are sometimes smooth, sometimes strong and bold. The areas of color or gray grading are either strong and bold, or fluid and transparent ( you can see the layers beneath).

Hope this helped you to understand the necessity of adding accents in any composition of fashion illustration you are working on. Do not hesitate to send me your drawings so that we can talk about them, here, on Fashion teaching.

Once again, many thanks to Gary who provided the images.

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