My newest fashion illustration

Hi again! Today I wanted to share with you my latest fashion illustration, a sketch I did these days. Watercolor and ink technique, A4 size, painted on watercolor paper, 300 g.I started to study some photos on Xaxor and other sites and I found this one below that grab my attention. It is a photo of Anne Vyalitsyna, also known simply as Anne V as Wikipedia puts it, and she is a Russian fashion model. She is perhaps best known for her ongoing nine-consecutive-year run of appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

If you want to buy it in any size, the printed version or the original, here it is, on my Etsy shop.

But until then, let me reveal some secrets behind this image: First of all study the photo. There is no need to make the illustration look like the model. The model is just an example, an inspiration. Use a graphic program in your computer to work with Brightness and contrast.

Using it you will be able to see the areas where you should put the accents in your illustration. See the image between your eye lashes and start drawing the shape of the face. For this you can use a pencil. Once the drawing is ready, start adding the color. Use light face color ( made from water, white, blue, orange, violet and green) and start adding the bigger surfaces of the face. There is no need to paint it all. Let the drawing breathe.

Then use a big brush to add the accents to the hair. Paint the eyes as in the post here and use small size brush for the final accents. Below you can see the 3 stages: the photo as it is, the photo adjusted with brightness and contrast and my fashion watercolor. Try it too!

fashion photography

fashion photography1il_fullxfull.509843478_33m7

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  1. Vib says:

    Oh my goodness, Suzz! This is a tltaoly STUNNING page!! You have used the color inspiration and the butterflies so effectively with your daughter’s adorable photo – how special that you popped them up and used pearls on them too!! So great to have you on the team, and looking forward to being blessed getting to know you in the next few months!

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