How to create a fashion collection in easy steps

I mentioned in my previous post: How to create a fashion collection step by step those steps that you should follow to find your inspiration.

After studying the history of art and the history of costume – that goes in parallel with the history of art – start working on the moodboards: gather as many information as you can and stick it to your workshop’s walls. You can find images like: textures, colors, patterns, different draping techniques, images with accessories, just name it.

For your inspiration regarding how a moodboard looks like, just search on Google or Pinterest the word “moodboard” and put together in a folder the results. Here are some of the images I found that you might find useful.

The images can be generic, just to give you the correct atmosphere or they can be more fashion related, as you will soon see. All images are found on Pinterest but you can search also on Etsy here.

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And here are the fashion moodboards. It is always better to get your inspiration from things that are not directly related with fashion. Some examples you could find on Behance, let’s say: origami paper objects, wildlife, dance, theater, you can find your inspiration in a book or in a movie, it depends.

What is important to know is that the human brain functions on the input and output principle. We are like sponges that absorb information: the bigger your input is, the more creative and juicy will be your output: meaning your creations. Just try to see how easy all these are – if you follow my advices step by step.

Click on the images to see them bigger and then search for other moodboards on your Pinterest account. If interested, here is my Pinterest and you can find all my boards- I gathered a lot of creative starting points for my fashion collections.

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  1. Poojitha says:


    I am so glad I found your YouTube channel and this page. I always wanted to get into design but never got a chance to learn. But I’m really weak in drawing. Seeing your videos have given me confidence that I can draw too. Have tried your step by step process to do a fashion sketch. Not got it, but practicing again and again to get it right. Things are getting even more clear after seeing your site. So thanks a lot.

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