How to create a fashion collection step by step

So here is step one: Documentation.

First of all, I would want to give you a link that I find very useful when it comes to find your inspiration – and I will attach below my print screens from this site. When searching for a starting point for your new fashion collection it is very important to do your documentation.

This means all you have to do is to study as much as you can: to have a visual and textual documentation. For this I use the followings:

1. I search on Pinterest ( and here is my Pinterest page: )

2.  I search on Google – as text and image.

3.  I read as many books as I can to know more about the topic I want to know ( let’s say the Prehistoric art)

4.  I go to museums or libraries to find out more about my theme.

After that, I start doing photos or sketches – this is my documentation. Once the info gathered, I post them all over, around me: in my workshop, on the walls, in a special folder on my computer or on my Facebook.

See here some examples of folders that inspire me: Romanian costume, John Galliano’s collections, Yiqing Yin haute couture, African art and costume.

See below some examples of how a workshop should look like in order to sink into an inspiring atmosphere that will later lead you to great fashion ideas.

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When searching for inspiration to create a new fashion collection, first of all you can study the history of art, from its origins until now.

Here you can find the print screens I made with the history of art in chronological order.

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history of art history of art 2 history of art 3 history of art 4

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  1. Filia says:

    How to contach you?

  2. Priscila says:

    I’m a chemical engineering major, but fashion illustration is my hobby (and passion!)
    thank you so much for helping me learn and improve even if I don’t have a formation
    your blog and your youtube channel is AMAZING!!!!

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