How to create your own fashion collection

In this third part of my article I will explain more about the Fashion Sketchbook. After reading on my blog about documentation and moodboards now is the moment to find out more about Fashion sketchbook and fashion sketches.

After studying a new theme or collection you will find yourself in the moment when you will have to create and develop a concept. You will start by doing some sketches. Let’s say you want to study Prehistoric art.

You will read about Altamira and Lascaux caves, you will gather some images with cave paintings, you will find out that the color palette is quite narrow ( they used only earth-tones like: brown, red, yellow, beige, white or black ). You will find out about different Venus statues and their simplified, decorative and almost geometric shapes. All these can inspire you to create a special fashion collection. And for this you will need a sketchbook where you will draw your fashion collection.

Maybe a draping will inspire you, or the color palette, or some cave paintings that you will transform and integrated in your patterns. All these sketches will be gathered in a folder or special book and my advice is that you will have to keep these drawings and each time you will find more info on the same topic, you should add another page on your book – just in case you will make another collection on the same topic, in the future.

The drawings should have a simple line, they can be black and white but very well explained so that you can access this information anytime. There is no need in this phase to draw the human body – the human body is just a pretext and a support for your creations.

You could add pieces of materials gathered for your future collection, you could add details and draping examples, you could use collage to add more juiciness to your layout – because at the end of the day, any line you draw should be a piece of art.

As a final advice, once you found a concept, an idea that can be explored – just try to build on it and draw as many costumes as you can – having the same idea in mind. I will come back with a post about this soon.

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