How to design your fashion collection


Just uploaded 3 new videos about “How to design your fashion collection“. When starting sketching for a new collection, first of all you have to make your research. This means you should carefully study all the aspects fo your source of inspiration.

Articles, photo collages, images found on Pinterest, Google or books, photos taken in trips or museums, they all should be placed in a fashion journal because later on they will be part of the design process.

The design journal is a creative tool that can be accessed anytime. It is an active source of inspiration for any designer and it serves as a creative kit. In my 3 videos I described the process step by step and I am sure the creative development of a fashion collection is now simplified. Research, documentation, moodboards sketches, transpose of your drawings into A4 boards and then final work: the real garment.

See my videos for more details on my Youtube Channel Fashion Teaching here.

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  1. Yasmine Chakroun says:

    Hi , you can tell me what the ref of pencil that u used in sketch body and you have a school of teaching more info plz and thank u :)

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