How to create a fashion collection inspired by insects and dragonflies

With this new video I will continue with the challenges you send me. This time, I will do some sketches inspired by insects, especially bugs and dragonflies. Stay until then end of my video to see my sources of inspiration for the collections i made. Also, feel free to get inspired by the same images to create your own fashion collection and then send them to me at and I will reply and help you improve your skills.

Once again, I will sketch only in pencils, without adding the colors. I mentioned in my previous videos the fact that you can sketch only in graphite pencils and then, you can add colors in your computer or on a transparent paper if you want to see what colors fits best.
When drawing with pencils, use graphic elements like: lines, dots, shapes and explore the possibilities.

When sketching after a source of inspiration, don’t be afraid of thinking unconventional. When it comes to creating a new costume, you should be as creative as possible because later on you will have enough time to clarify and simplify the model if you want it to be wearable. When sketching, do not think of a certain part of your costume. Do not think or try to create a blouse or a dress – i said this in my previous videos too.

For the first sketch I thought of using the module from the upper part of the insect and I transformed it into a blouse and a hat. I used the beetle wings for my trousers and the other elements for the sleeves. For the second one, I started to think of transforming an interesting insect as you can see. I used the reliefs and transposed them into patterns on my dress. The legs and those segments of the legs – I used them to create the lower part of the dress.

For the third piece, I explored the same image but I tried to make a wearable costume out of it. The 3D shapes of the insect are now textures or patterns printed on my outfit. Getting to the dragonflies part, I explored the bubbles of water around their wings. Their transparency and shape were useful and I played a little with these modules. Also, the fine structure of the sensible wings were nice to explore. Otherwise, the dragonflies and the butterflies, as I said on my last video are quite symmetrical and predictable as shape.

I think the insects and especially the beetles that you will see at the end of my video are the greatest source I found until yet. Thank you for sending me such creative themes:)

It was so fun to think of unconventional sources of inspiration:) Waiting for your comments, likes and shares, and, as always, please subscribe for more.
See you during week-end!

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