How to draw a fashion sketch in copic markers

As always, we start with the symmetry line.
Then we draw the head and the axes of the shoulders and hips and those of the arms.We get to the primary shapes and we start adding the details in the 3rd steps : the connections between the shapes. Use a simple line because later on you will use strong lines for your costume.

Choose a light gray Copic marker to put the base of the costume. Work in layers and try to suggest the fur texture on the right arm. I will show you later some tips and tricks on how to shade the fur. Choose another shade of gray. This one will be darker than the previous one. What is nice about Copics is that you can choose a multiple range pf warm or cold grays for shadows, for example.

Then add details in pencils. Do not forget that an artist tools are the following: the dots, the lines and the surfaces, so make sure you will use them in your drawing.
This will help your fashion sketch be more creative and interesting to be watched. This means, it will be more expressive and rich in information.
Continue with the 8B pencils and then add a black marker with brush tip for some modulated lines.

Do not use it everywhere. It is enough to underline some details in your drawing.

Now it is time for soft details: like a lacy leg or a nice peach color for the skin. Copic markers are very transparent and the more you add layers, the richer the color will become.

So play with that and explore the possibilities.
You can add at the end a strong black marker – in this case a thick permanent marker from Staedtler.

When you want to give the impression there is a fur coat, simply use curved lines like in my drawing here.

Try to have a line that goes from strong to soft, with a needle edge. You use this effect by removing your hand quickly during drawing.
Second, shade in layers, from 100% to 30% – like i will show you now.
The third rule is to use all 3 directions when shading the fur: curved hair to the left, to the right and a straight line for the middle fur thread.

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