Designing shape inspired shoes

For those who wrote me interested in how to generate fast a lot of ideas related to shoe design, here is a new series of tutorials. Please keep in mind that this is just a lesson of how to generate ideas, not how to produce wearable shoes. The tutorial will help you just to be more creative in no time.


I will start with a quick mind mapping showing you some directions to explore the shoe designing.

You can get inspired by:
– shapes – either organic, primary, secondary, intersected or random shapes
– you can also work on the volumes
– lines, dots, surfaces
– maybe color can inspire you too or textures, details and patterns

Once we establish these through this chart, you will know what to do next.

Let’s start with the beginning: shapes
– shapes can be primary shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, triangles or they can be secondary shapes – that are obtained from primary ones.

– now, the sketches below are just to prove the fact that shapes can be very useful when it comes to generate ideas – no matter if you think of a costume or an accessory
– combine shapes, rotate them, make them bigger or smaller, cut them in two and use them in the most creative way possible.

– regarding the random shapes, you can use a grid made from random lines and then try to imaging the shoe that can be created from this exercise. Of course, each person can see different shoes in the same grid, but what is the most important is to realize the endless possibilities of creating a design.

Stay tuned for the next video on Thursday where i will generate some designs inspired by volumes, lines, dots, surfaces.

Thank you for watching and please remember that this tutorial just helps you be more creative and shows you a simple way of generating ideas, very fast.It does not show all the way to create a physical object, but rather how to be able to think like a designer and to find ideas when you are stucked.

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