Designing shoes inspired by lines and dots

For those who wrote me interested in how to generate fast a lot of ideas related to shoe design, here is a new series of tutorials. Please keep in mind that this is just a lesson of how to generate ideas, not how to produce wearable shoes. The tutorial will help you just to be more creative in no time. Before playing this video, please see the previous one.

Now think of heels too- maybe they are spheres, maybe they remind of an interesting plant, or maybe the history of art can inspire you also.

Then, think of different heel heights or shoe types: stilettos, platforms, wedge, moccasins, ballerina flats, clogs and so on. each one can be inspiring and the designs are multiple.

Then, think symmetry… or not. Think color, texture, details, fabrics. Think accessories: shoelaces, zippers, ribbons and so on.
In short, I am sure now you will think a shoe differently than before.
Practice a lot and don’t be afraid of the result.

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