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Starting this week-end, I will propose you a new, affordable way to learn fashion for just 25 euros. Here is how things work:

1. each week I will submit a new brief on my Fashion teaching Online Classes Facebook group – this is FREE and everybody will be able to see the brief. To know where to find the briefs see the link in the description of this video.


2. if you are interested to learn and to receive feed-back from me, you will have to send me your sketches here: fashionteaching@gmail.com

3. to receive my advice and tips you will have to make a payment of 25 euros/brief on my paypal account. Once you want to start to work on a brief, you will send me a notification and i will give you my paypal account.

4. in 2 days you will receive the feed-back in written format

5. if you want to work on your second, third, fourth brief and so on you will make another payment of 25 euros for each brief if you want to receive my tips.

+ personal feed-back on your sketches: tips and ways to improve
+ affordable price
+ 7 days to submit works, so take your time to work
+ you can choose your favorite brief to work on
+ simple and fast way to learn ONLINE
+ unlike my online classes, no need to commit for long terms
( my online classes take 2 or 3 months)

the brief for next friday is:
DIGITAL so send me a message on my email fashionteaching@gmail.com with the word DIGITAL as subject. I will know you want to participate for this first brief and i will send you my paypal account. Then start doing your research and work on the brief until next Friday and wait until Sunday to receive your feed-back and many tips.

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