How to think like a jewelry designer: The Design Process

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I will explain how to think outside the box and how to get rid of boring things that pop into a beginner’s mind when starting to design.

First, you have the ring and the stone. Each ring is composed by these 2.
As seen in my previous 2 videos, we will start to generate ideas on primary shapes. Think of this for both the ring and the stone.
Think volumes, perforations, color and texture.
Now, all these combined can get us to some interesting jewelries as you can see.
Imagine the stone as being an insert in the volume of the ring. Imagine the ring not as a circle, but maybe as a plan or a square.
Imagine then the let’s call it stone that can be made from rubber and lately bend in a desired form.
Play with materials or invent jewelry for multiple fingers. Now the stone can be made from colorful threads or leather stripes that the owner can sew as she wants.
Think sets: imagine the ring as belonging from a small collection. Think how a necklace or an earring would look like.

Be playful and leave your client the decision of adjusting pieces.
Maybe the set has multiple rings and the stones are attached with a magnet. You can mix and match to obtain a series of new rings each day.

Maybe the ring can have multiple stones that could slip from top to bottom so that one can play all the time.

Now let’s imagine the role of the ring and the stone can be switched.
Maybe the ring is made from stone and the stone is made from gold. Play with materials in unexpected combinations.
You can combine the 2 parts and merge them as one.
Try different creative recipes to create an object.

Then, make the stone dissapear. Maybe the ring is made from wire that can be modeled to create a graphism.
Play with rythm to create sets. The upper part can be detached and placed on different ring sizes or shapes. Maybe the owner can model by herself the wire structure and so on.

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