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About Ioana Avram, read below some recommendations from her students:

Eszter György: “The courses with Ioana were wonderful – each one had a logical construction, and never boring. She taught me how to think about drawing and fashion, she gave me fantastic recipes not just delicious food:). Now, as a fashion and costume designer, I still use all the tricks what I figured out in the drawing and fashion “backstage exercises”, with her help.”

Carla Marinau: “I can start by saying that I have loved the hours spent studying together with my teacher. I wish I had known about her earlier and i wish i could still learn from her. Everything she taught me was the most important thing I`d ever heard or learned about art. The way she taught me and shared things with me stimulated me to love art even more, to be amazed about it. She taught me how to think, how to look at a project. I was always scared when I had to think about a new one, but now I understand how to do it and it is kind of fun to do brainstorming, which is like a children’s game. Ioana helped me feel free, be in my world and enjoy when I have to draw, to practice or simply to make “a piece of art” just for me. Beyond studying, the hours spent with my teacher were fun, I really liked it, I was happy when I knew that the art class comes next. She also taught me many things beside art, because everything can lead to inspiration. Also we talked, laughed and listened to music in the same time. She is a really nice and great teacher and person, too. I’m very grateful about everything I have learned from her, it will help me all my life. For everyone who wants to learn more or to practice for art section, I say “GO STUDY WITH HER”, you won’t regret it, instead you would be more than grateful, everything she teaches is precious.”

Mateas Nicolae Ionut: “I like drawing very much, but I knew something was missing. I started fashion classes with an particularly shyness, but in a short time i felt more confident, and my knowledge luggage become more valuable, all that thanks to Ioana’s professionalism. I have learned so many things, and the way she explained was amazing, I use to understand everything very fast, just from her first words or sketches. The homeworks were very important, I have noticed that they were training my hand to be better and more flexible. The jokes and Cookie’s little snout on my leg will always affectionately remind me of the classes.”

Marisha Zaporojan: “I think every student embraced Ioana`s passion for design and we were seduced by her dedication for teaching. The information was comprehensive and very well organized. We were thought how to love designing enjoying every step at a time. We were thought how to research, how to approach a project, how to put it on paper using a variety of techniques. Everything was so interesting and so easy to learn. The preparation for the Regional and National Design Olympiad was very helpful and made me feel very confident about my work. I remember I was amazed by the results of the projects we worked on. Interesting things were coming out of my hands and that kept me intrigued and made me want to work even more. I still keep my notes from that time and I review them every time I need guidance.”

Gherman Mircea: “Ioana Avram, a very creative and talented designer! I am pleased that I had the opportunity to learn from her so many things in design at the design lessons that I study in particular. She knows how to make you understand the “design world” by studying the operas of great international designers, and after to discover the designer in yourself and to create your own design concepts. And when you have your design concepts, she knows how to correct you and to help you to develop that concept into a work of art! I am blessed that I know a designer like Ioana, truly professional!”
Mircea Andrei Gherman, Interior designer.

Iulian Costea: “Alongside Ioana I learned a whole bunch of useful things.I crossed from foolish drawing to seriously learning the right techniques to make may drawings better and this course helped me a lot  in this matter.You can ask any questions and have them answered from a professional point of view and also getting a friendly and thoughtful response.You get to learn about design and its many branches, how a designer thinks and how a new idea is formed through various connections  and studying the market. Having no artistic training before I could observe  how things I learned fixed along this period .Even if it was a short period I still learned a lot of things and got me in the university I wanted. In other words: it was worth it.”

Isabella del Zoppo: I will start with a brief description of Ioana course. I have been studying two years with Ioana and I have no idea if I did not meet Ioana, what I would have done, in order to prepare myself with a professional teacher. The art courses are suitable for any art lover, starting from 6 year childs to adults. The course is structured on your needs, whether you want to enroll university or you are doing it as a hobby. I have been prepared in order to enroll a Uk university. At the course you will find yourself in a very chilled atmosphere with nice people who are fond of fashion too and every time you are going to enter the house ,a happy and lively teacher will wait for you. Ioana is the kind of teacher everyone would like to have: very talented, helpful,amusing, communicative and smart. At the course you are going to study from basic things such as: colors, light and shadow, line, basic principles of design to the most advanced techniques of fashion illustration, mood-board, how to set up a collection or a business, preparing your portfolio or just fill your sketchbook by practicing anatomy which is essential for ” a real designer”. In order to succeed you need to practice , put passion in your work and keep up ! Later you’ll see the results. Even a person without talent can discover their skills, at this course. I strongly recommend Ioana’s course :1. For the content you learn and the way you make it, 2. For being very relaxing and funny, 3. It was for me the perfect course and now that I’ ll leave to university I am going to miss it.

Vera Alecsa: I liked drawing since I was a little girl, since as far back as I can remember actually, but somehow, growing up and going through high school and then college and then starting my professional life, it somehow got lost on me…until one day, when I needed to get away from real life and retreat to something which I loved, a long lost hobby… and nothing could be more suited than my childhood favorite past time, drawing. A friend of a friend of hers recommended Ioana to me for drawing lessons, I wanted to relearn what I’ve forgotten, so we started drawing together…and we never stopped since, that was in 2013. We did the theory, we did the hard work of continuous exercise, we did the fashion sketching, we played with colors and we even experimented painting textiles (that was quite successful)…so all in all we had and still have a great deal of fun. I love Ioana, she’s talented, nice and fun…it’s great spending time with her drawing.

Vladimir Sirbu: Cursul Ioanei Avram este locul unde am invatat totul despre moda. De la simplele axe de simetrie pana la diferitele tehnici de desen si complexa istorie a modei si artei. La inceput nici  nu imi imaginam ca o sa desenz asa cum fac acum,  Ioana are rabdare cu fiecare dintre noi si  iti explica orice lucru de cate ori este nevoie. Cursurile mi-au deschis calea catre isotia artei care se imbina perfect cu moda de acum. Sunt norocos ca ca am ocazia sa ma pregatesc cu un asa profesor cunoscut  de multi oameni importanti din lumea modei din Romania prin stilul ei unic. Nu am nici un dubiu privind evolutia mea de pana acum si sunt aproape sigur ca prin acest curs voi reusi sa intru la facultatea pe care mi-o doresc.

Teodora Pantica: Following my dream has been a real struggle since I was a little child, when it came to my parent’s allowance. But let’s say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? The journey to accomplishing my aspirations started with a strong mutiny between me and my family , a mutiny finally understood by my beloved ones with nothing but the help from Ioana Avram. A great person, without the help who’s I don’t sincerely think I would have experienced such desired facts which I couldn’t have reached at with nothing but the thought.  When it comes to teaching and courses, I have to admit, without hesitation, that in 7 years of tutoring experience, I haven’t met anyone where from I recieved every word and explination with joy and dedication. The class comes off in a productive friendly environment for children and teens, as well as for grown ups, by the tutor’s lovely presence accompanied by delicious treats offerd by Ioana’s Grandma. In two years time I have met students of all categories ( from skilled to not very so ), who have accomplished to enter universities from Romania, as well as from Europe in only months of studies with ambition and a pinch of magic from our teacher. Preparing for Uni is not the only thing you can do at Ioana’s class. Besides the well known fashion course ,you can also get initiated in the fine art’s world, study still life, watercolour illustrations and drawn anatomy. One thing I have learned, among many others, during the maybe too little time spend with Ioana Avram, is that there’s no need to be a native artist, but to be ambitious enough for your will to be done. As she always says: “99% hard work and 1% talent is the right way to succes”.