How to think like a jewelry designer: The Design Process

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I will explain how to think outside the box and how to get rid of boring things that pop into a beginner’s mind when starting to design.

First, you have the ring and the stone. Each ring is composed by these 2.
As seen in my previous 2 videos, we will start to generate ideas on primary shapes. Think of this for both the ring and the stone.
Think volumes, perforations, color and texture.
Now, all these combined can get us to some interesting jewelries as you can see.
Imagine the stone as being an insert in the volume of the ring. Imagine the ring not as a circle, but maybe as a plan or a square.
Imagine then the let’s call it stone that can be made from rubber and lately bend in a desired form.
Play with materials or invent jewelry for multiple fingers. Now the stone can be made from colorful threads or leather stripes that the owner can sew as she wants.
Think sets: imagine the ring as belonging from a small collection. Think how a necklace or an earring would look like.

Be playful and leave your client the decision of adjusting pieces.
Maybe the set has multiple rings and the stones are attached with a magnet. You can mix and match to obtain a series of new rings each day.

Maybe the ring can have multiple stones that could slip from top to bottom so that one can play all the time.

Now let’s imagine the role of the ring and the stone can be switched.
Maybe the ring is made from stone and the stone is made from gold. Play with materials in unexpected combinations.
You can combine the 2 parts and merge them as one.
Try different creative recipes to create an object.

Then, make the stone dissapear. Maybe the ring is made from wire that can be modeled to create a graphism.
Play with rythm to create sets. The upper part can be detached and placed on different ring sizes or shapes. Maybe the owner can model by herself the wire structure and so on.

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Jewellery Design Process – Hand Drawn Jewellery Sketches: wedding rings


When thinking about wedding rings you should consider opposites: man an woman, negative and positive, black and white, yin and yang, puzzle pieces, bevel and emboss and so on.

We will use brainstorming to generate ideas into a mind mapping. Just write everything that pops into your mind regarding antagonism and opposites.

For example, choose puzzle and think of pieces that work together and that can be combined or matched. Choose square or squares with round edges and play with the shape of the ring. Circle might be too boring, so, imagine other shapes.

Another thing is to use the same, simple form and just to play with the sizes: what would be more refined than a simple circle that fits in a larger one? For sure, you can think later if you will use white gold or other materials.

Then, imagine the masculine as having sharp edges and the feminine ring being soft in edges.

As a nice story about the couple jewelry – I saw somewhere on the internet about a jewelry for couples that was the cast form in gold of a chewing gum. xxx

Another let’s say creative recipe is to use different shapes: the masculine ring would be a square and the feminine would be a circle and these 2 would be sold together as you can see below.

Then, maybe the ring has the same shape but the stone would be different: a cube for him and a sphere for her.

You can think of love messages that are transposed into wire and then worn on the finger. Or the name of the loved one made from golden wire.
Or even, why not, to wear his or her photo on the finger. Or the first kiss or your first photo together printed.

If you want to go technical, maybe the ring has a USB incorporated so that you can connect to a laptop and hear his or her voice anytime saying “i love you”. The device will have in fact the USB as the precious stone as you can see in my drawing.
All these are concepts and you saw what was the process behind. Then, get to the styling part and think about shape, form, color, texture, materials and so on.

Generate as many ideas as possible and then fine tune them having in view the details.

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Fashion collection inspired by the Victorian costume

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